Angel House- Ready for 2021!

Angel House- Ready for 2021!

Angel House is open Summer 2021 and back to normal operation. Per CDC guidelines masks are not required for vaccinated people. Enjoy coffee from our new coffee porch!

Your Hosts- Frank and Shelley Takei

The Takei's are, and always have been, a hard-working and fun-loving team, and there is rarely a dull moment between them...just ask their children and grandchildren about that! Frank is Shelley's "go-to-guy", and she never fails to keep his life "interesting"! They look forward to another season of fascinating people here at "the Dale", and hope to play and frolic at least once in a while!

"Why should angels have all the fun???"

* Frank Takei, PhD- Philosophy- Retired college professor

* Angel House Boy

* Interested in researching threads of evolutionary biology in works of Carl Jung

* Shelley Takei, PhD- Transpersonal Psychology- Retired college professor

* Queen of Angel House

* MARI Owner, teacher and practitioner

MARI readings with Shelley may be scheduled by calling (919) 821- 4222 (until mid May) and (716) 595-3154 during Lily Dale season. Readings take place at Angel House. See MARI tab for information on MARI.