MARI- Mandala Assessment Research Instrument

MARI readings with Shelley may be scheduled by calling (919) 821- 4222 (until mid May) and (716) 595-3154 during Lily Dale season. Readings take place at Angel House. See below for information on MARI.

MARI is:

A creative assessment tool based on colors and symbols

Provides a visual picture of your psyche - both conscious and unconscious

Measures all four aspects of consciousness: Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Intuiting

The only assessment that reflects the evolutionary perspective

What is the MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)?

  • Accurate Jungian psychological assessment based on symbols and colors
  • Reveals a literal picture of the psyche –that includes areas of tension and attention
  • Whole-brained instrument based in wholeness that reveals the inner truth of a person

Why MARI works

  • We respond intuitively to symbols and colors –so a subject’s choice of symbol and color reflects what is going in their life
  • You literally see your psychic contents –and once you see it, you can change it
  • The subject provides their own intuitive guidance

MARI provides 

  • enjoyable, non-threatening experience where client has full autonomy
  • allows client to access their own intuitive guidance
  • reveals strengths insight and awareness –visually

MARI is not

  • A reading from spiritual world
  • The same as a reading from a Lily Dale Medium
  • A connection to spirit/ dead

MARI Reading is

  • $85 per session
  • with Shelley Takei, MARI Owner, Teacher, Practitioner
  • done in MARI reading room, 1st floor of Angel House
  • 45 minutes to 60 minutes per session
See a Video on MARI
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